About us

Here at Clicker-box.com we want to give people a platform for users to share whatever they want. Anonymously or publicly, for example on the standard forum no usernames will be displayed this means that you can share controversial opinions, comments, photos, etc. However on the public forum your username will be displayed and a link to your personal profile will also be given this is for less controversial things that you might want people to be able to link back to you.


Displayed ads: At clicker-box we are all about people’s privacy and data security, to avoid the selling of people’s data we work on an ads system. We make our profit from selling and displaying ads, this will prevent us from having to sell data in the future. Because of this we ask that at your own discretion you turn your ad blockers off on our site.


Future plans: as of January 2020 a poll will be run to decide a charity for the year with which 10% (TBC and STC) of company profit will be donated. This poll will be user decided on options given by clicker-box (differing every year). This is profits on top of running cost and any other business out goings that are required. This means your continued use of our site and removal of ad blockers will help to give money to those in need.


This page is STC as new features are released and initiatives are created